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Dentures and free dental

NancyMcGuire started this conversation

If you need dental care and you can't afford the prices I might be able to help you.  My company searched for good dentists and we found the best.  They truly care about your dental, medical and emotional health when it comes to your teeth.  No one should be in pain physically or mentally.  If you need dental help and have no money we can help you by referrals get the money.  We pay $50.00 a referral.  Our dental costs are very low a root canal is only $150.00, vaneers are only $250.00 per tooth, and extractions are $30.00, dentures are $350 full set.  Please contact me at tell me what you need and I'll tell you how we can help you get it.  Or call me at 850-225-6516 Sincerely, Nancy McGuire

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littlelacie   in reply to Cnoteeth
you are very welcome.
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Cnoteeth   in reply to littlelacie
Thank you littlelacie....I will do that. I appreciate your help.
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littlelacie   in reply to Cnoteeth
hi, Nancy McGuire has not come back on this site since 2009, am not sure why. Her website is unavailable, so we are not sure if she is still helping people or not.But type in free dental,city,county, will then see a list of resources in your area that have free or low cost dental.
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I am so embarrassed by my teeth. Everytime I talk I hold my hand up over my mouth. I live near Chattanooga, TN and have been searching for a year now for a dentist that will finance and pull what's left of my teeth and get me in dentures. My mouth hurts all the time. I have lost 50 pounds because of my teeth alone. I need help and can't find help! I have insurance but it only pays so much, we don't qualify for CareCredit. I just want to be able to talk without holding my hand in front of my moth. And to be able to laugh and smile again. Please anyone help.
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wow, these sites are so comforting to rensure myself im not alone by any means with just wanting a nice painless smile. It shouldnt be considered cosmetic repair to #1 have posts to hold dentures secure without creating actual face sagging and disfigurement and #2 to save any teeth instead of ridiculously and cruely pulling This country is so backasswards in how to help one another remain healthy and confident!!
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Hopefullmother   in reply to ShannalovesGod
I have 5 kids back to back in ages. My teeth are so bad and its so hard to live like this ... if you find a way PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SHARE THE INFORMATION... THANK YOU
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Hopefullmother   in reply to ShannalovesGod
Im sorry for you as im in the same situation with my teeth. May GOD show you a way. Its embarrassing I know hang in there sweetie.
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Hi ,I'm trying to find some kinda dental assistance I'm a single mother of four kids,I've been doing my best to turn my life around and get on my feet and God has diffently been good:)my insurance will pull my teeth and not replace them I'm 27 and have been hanging on to what I have because of esteem issues and I haven't wanted to face the fact ill have dentures but I'm past all that now and I'm praying someone might have a heart to help me I know I put myself in my boat but I'm trying my best to get things right people smile at me and see the outside and when I smile their smile changes and their out look on me the world is a cruel place and for me to become productive in this world unfortunately I have to get my dental taken care of and I'm so tired of being In pain
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Frustrated, My husbands truck was set on fire on the 4th of July 2014. My dentures were in the truck. Only had them two months. Is there anything or way you can help? Thank you.....Toothless

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littlelacie   in reply to samthesharp
Hj, I'm sorry, we do not know of any resources that will help with dentures.
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samthesharp   in reply to jjbears
i am a vet in need of dentures. i can pay $250.00-350.00 towards some.
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Hello can you tell me how I can get help with getting 13 teethpulled on top and get dentures pplease. Tks
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Mandip   in reply to woman in a shoe
It's ok but I no what u was talking about and then I askd u what I askd u about people and or churches being aloud to donate me the money I've sceen some dentist places say 500$ for the denture not 1,000 so 500$ would b Easter to get but only way I could get it is like I said it being donated to me and I didn't no if that's something I could do or not
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Mandip
I was talk about them paying for another PR for u. U got to wait 10 years before they will pay for them again sorry about the over type. Most the time I am on here I am at work
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Mandip
Well there no cash on this site and all the resources I have seen don't pay for it. Its heard u to get help for rent light things like that they most the time don't have the funds. I am at work most likely when I posted to u I had to stop to do something I will go back and read it and is if what i mite been typing to u if I can fig it out I will post it back to u if not I want post back
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Mandip   in reply to woman in a shoe
I can't chew things unless it's soft and I have sceen some places say like 500$ but that's way to much I don't understand y she still has this page then if she won't get on it I was wondering something but wasent sure if it's legall or not to see if like churches and people could like donate the money for the dentures to me or something like that
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Mandip
Hi the person u posted to not been on here in a long time as for as dentures go I will tell u why they want pay for u another PR when they for for them u got to have them for 10 years before they will pay for them again. They pay for my dentures in the 80 s and I still got them. And I don't understand what u talking about u can't eat with out them. About 90 % of the time I eat with out mine in. And there no place that will pay for them the last I know it was like a 1.000 for a pr
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Hi I'm 24 and I have no top teeth I had Medicaid insurence and got dentures but then lost them and now Medicaid don't want to pay for them again I don't have the money to pay for dentures I would have to depend on my boyfriend to buy them for me he very well might but only if it's not expensive then as long as it's cheap i might b able to talk him into it this is really affecting me not having any top teeth at all I fell into a deep depression I don't ever leave my boyfriends apartment I feel embarrassed anytime anyone is around I've even developed some sort of anxiety disorder over it this is really ruining my life I just had a baby girl 3 months ago and I haven't been the happy mom that she deserves and in order to take her out into the world that means people in the world would have to see me and my toothless old looking face and that's not an option for me also my boyfriend brought to my attention that I'm looking very thin from not being able to eat much I try but I always find myself saying to him " I can't eat that with no teeth" conflict is caused about what kind of food to buy for the house and me never wanting to leave the house I no that if I could just get me dentures all of these problems would be fixed I would feel happy and confident when I look into the mirror and could actually leave the house and actually be around people I could show off my beautiful baby and be the happy confident active mother she needs I would be able to eat whatever I want whenever I want so I can gain weight back be healthy feel healthy not have fights about what food to buy and not to buy I would have a social life again I really want to be in pictures with my new baby but I can't until I have dentures she's already 3 months and I wish I could have already been in pictures with her but hopefully that will change and I can get dentures real soon that would be such a blessing it would mean so much to me it would change my life I'm getting tearie eyed rite now just thinking about it I can't teach my daughter to be confident and happy with herself and love herself if I don't please please please is there anyway I can be helped is there anything that can be done to please help me
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I need help I am 24 years old and my upper teeth are really bad my front 4 teeth r chipped and my wisdom teeth decayed so bad there are holes in my gums and they hurt so bad so I figured my best route is dentures but the problem is I have to income I really need help my bottom teeth r just fine and I have so much pain please help me
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I need dental care (oral surgeon) and I can't afford one. I have no job or any income. My teeth are are bad and I am embarrassed. I think the only solution is dentures. The last dental appt. I had was in 2011 and they said I gave gum disease. I hope I can get help. It's hard for me to eat .
My name is Ron
Thank you
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