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Dentures and free dental

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 in response to kbee...   kbee, you are sooo sweet honey I am fond of dogs best too. Reba is chihahah and jack russel so she is really smart, I have her trained to help with elderly patients. I am getting closer with the situation with Jeremy, I have been talking to the pepsi co. I think they understand now. Thanks keep me posted  deb
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 in response to debbieann...   hello! i read your entry, my son and i both have a medical card but it will not cover anything to do with our teeth! isn't that insane! i saw your pic with your pup, is it a rat terrier? i have one just like it almost! she is also black and white maybe just a little smaller, she is sooo sweet , her name is precious, she was just that when we got her, no bigger than a small rat! i am sorry about your son, mine has no car either and is not working, trying to go to college, he goes on the internet. i am glad to see someone is concerned, the world needs more people who care about each other! once again, thanks for replying! hope to hear from you again--kbee in hot louisiana--god bless you and your family
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 in response to kbee...   try calling your county I have a son that has the same problem call medicare and medicaid and they will give you a referral to a doctor that takes your ins. good luck god bless you  my son is throwing up at work and has no running car so I am going to go get him not sure if I should just take him to the hospital. Keep in touch and I will keep you in mind if I learn an answer. 
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 in response to kbee...   hello again, kbee here--please please does any one know of any dental help in the leesville-alexandria la area? if so please reply to my comment! as i posted my son and myself are in great need of any help, we are so sick from our teeth, we have to constantly take antibiotics when we can get them. i am on liquids and we both can not chew, our mouth is a sewer! please begging for any help!!! thanks and god bless, kbee in louisiana
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hello, i have a post, kbee, my son and i are in great need of dentures, we are sick daily from what is left of teeth, i no longer call them that becasue they are horrible!!! we live in louisiana around leesville and alexandria. any help would be appreciated. we both need full extractions and dentures. our mouth is interferring with our daily living, i am consumed to liquids and drinking through straws, my son is in constant pain and has over 20 bone tumors beside the tooth pain, his mouth is a nightmare, the dr's can't believe whtat they see when they look in his mouth and i am not far behind! please let us know womething soon, what about the dental grant? thanks so much and god bless, am disabled and have medicare-medicaid and my son has medicaid also.

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 in response to komapro...   


sorry dentures cost didn't work out 

do check my blog for free dental as it might be a solution if any

Good luck 


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 in response to sheshe030...   

thank you sheshe for the information, they have a office in my city and I actually went to them a few months ago. Your right they are enexpensive however my problem is in the financial area. I have no job and no money. I can not work and I am waiting for disability for which i just got turned down for the 4th time so while they are cheap i still can not afford them. i am happy to hear that your problem was solved, it is encouraging to read about ppl who have had simialr situations find the help they need, thank you for sharing and God bless you


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Great if you have $600  or even $100 :(

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Please help me????????Can I please have a phone number to call? 

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 in response to komapro...   Dear Konapro:--I don't know if I can answer all your questions about dentures but I can relate my experience in hopes that it may be of help to you and others. Teo years ago I was desparate to have my teeth pulled and dentures put in. I was reccomended to a dental office by the name of Affordable Dentures and they do not tak appointments so I showed up at 7:30 AM the next morning and they got me in and xrayed my mouth and took a short medical briefing and told me to comr back at 9:30 that morning. I did and the dentist commensed to pulling my teeth after he took a plastic impression of my mouth and in no time at all my teth were all puled and he had put in a full set of dentures and I was told not to remove the dentures until the next morning when I came back for my last visit and the dentist would take them out and clean my gums , insert my new dentures and I would be off on my way back home. He gave me a perscription of pain meds if I needed them and I had a brand new smile. Now the cost. You won't believe it but I only paid a little over $600 and that was for the extractions (and that was for the novacaine and all)plus my beautiful new teeth and a very tender caring dentist. :You cannot get a better deal than that. I love in Washington state and there are only 2 offoces, one is Spokane and one id the Tri Citys so you would have to look them up in your phone book and find out where they are located and I highly advise ;you look into them as I know no ohter place that cheap and that quality of work. There are 100's of people that come from Seattle just to have their teth extracted and dentures put in as there is no office in Seattle. You can get the premier set and they cost around $600 and that is with the extractions as well. I hope this has helped you and I sincerely hope you take my advice and call them. Sincerely Sheshe030
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 in response to getfreedental...   

I have tried to find the correct grant to apply for but looking up a specific grant without the help of a grant writer is difficult. I would and do appreciate any info you can give me to that effect....thank you for responding...


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 in response to getfreedental...   thank you
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I am a 47 yr old woman who had her teeth out in april of 2009. I am on a fixed income which my rent takes. I feel very unpretty and have a hard time eating. I have lost about 25 lbs. I have looked around to get some help, but have come to dead ends. The State  Of Maine refuses to help unless it is a medical nessecarry. Could I get some help getting dentures PLEASE?
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I am 42 years old. I am applying for disability due to a rare heart defect I was born with but not diagnosed until last September. I had a triple by pass that month and in November I had a heart attack. I have not been able to work since last year and the only insurance I had was thru my wife. She left me last month so now I have no insurance, no job, no income and waiting for SSI could take years. I am currently on my third application for SSI. Meanwhile my teeth are terrible. Every tooth is loose, I only have 26 left and they all need to come out. I need dentures as well. None of the dentist are willing to work with me, they all want the money up front. My free clinic can not handle the amount of work I need to have done so instead of taking one tooth at a time they simple refuse to do anything. I am desperate at this point and everyone I ask for advice concerning this tells me to try this website. So I am writing to your school to see if anything can be done for me.
Thank you
Mark Givens
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 in response to getfreedental...   I would like all the information on that dental grant. thanks for answering my post and god bless you.
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hi.. i need some help pls.. my father needs dentures, we cant afford to have his dentures be done by highasking price dentist. i cannot support him by now because i dnt have work also, he had trouble finding jobs because of the poor condition of his teeth. it broke my heart every time i see him. he looks like a homeless man who sleeps in the pavement. hope some one can help me please.. please.. tnx im frm new jersey. if any one who willing to help us give me a call 7326446795 tnx so much!

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I am 47 and I need help getting dentures because medicaid in missouri don't pay for no adult dental. I get my teeth pulled at Mt. View free clinic. I just have 7 more teeth to get pulled. I am disabled and fighting to get my disability. So beside medicaid I get food stamps and that is all I have. I wish I could get me some dentures after that is done so I won't look funny and that.

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I'm a Para legal and I lost my dentures in a moving mishap.  I can't get a job any were because I have no teeth I've been out of work for over a year. The lonleyness is getting unberaable.  Is there any one that know how to get a pair of dentures for low to no coast?  If you do please let me know.  Thanks for reading 

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